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Art industry pro Eric Smith offers three best practices for pricing artwork.

Proper pricing is key in determining any independent 手机皇冠新现金网下载家’s success. The challenge is finding that combination of elements that works for you. I wish I had a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing out a piece. The fact of the matter is, there are many business aspects to consider. 它可以 一个复杂的过程,, but once you know the rules of the game, you’ll be better positioned for market success.

让手机皇冠新现金网下载从基础开始. 这里有三个关于手机皇冠新现金网下载品定价的最佳做法.


1. 设身处地为消费者着想

在展示你的手机皇冠新现金网下载品时,要对你的定价坦诚. Artists who display their works without 价格s are asking consumers to pass them by. Consumers can feel intimidated (afraid or embarrassed to ask a 价格) or lose interest if a 价格 is not immediately clear.

想想上次你去珠宝店的情景. 清晰的标价让你忽略了你负担不起的东西, allowing you to focus your time on pieces within your 价格 range.

使用我称之为tap的零售定价方法:标题, 手机皇冠新现金网下载家, 价格, 尺寸应该总是清晰地显示出来. 这鼓励消费者提出以下问题:

  • 这首曲子的名字从何而来?
  • 这位手机皇冠新现金网下载家是谁??
  • 他或她来自哪里?

Questions like these open up the piece for discussion and allow you or your dealer to engage the consumer, 鼓励销售, and get a feel for the type of pricing the market will support. A piece that you feel was 价格d on the higher end might be a no-brainer for an interested and seasoned collector. Or perhaps you’ve out-价格d yourself, given the reaction of passersby. 无论哪种方式,下次你就知道哪种方式最有效了.

例如, 如果买家看到一件零售价为5美元的作品,一位他们连名字都不认识的手机皇冠新现金网下载家, 他们会好奇为什么. 给他们一个理由. Perhaps it took you a month to paint; maybe you’ve earned some notable awards or a prestigious degree. If you can’t present proper justification, a reconsideration of your pricing approach is necessary.


2. 分析你的能力,确定你的重点

Now that you have a general idea of the rules of retail pricing, 是时候为你量身定制了:

  • 理想情况下,你希望每小时赚多少钱?
  • 你创作一件作品通常需要多长时间?
  • 你们一个月能生产多少件?
  • 你们的定价还应考虑哪些其他因素?

确定你的手机皇冠新现金网下载技能的水平和重点. If your 手机皇冠新现金网下载家ic strengths lie in time-consuming works like pointillism or photorealism, then you’ll need a strong gallery that will command higher 价格s.

相反, more prolific painters who are productivity-oriented can produce more works and therefore hit a larger gallery base. 相对多产的手机皇冠新现金网下载家是 最吸引画廊和出版商 because they provide a large enough body of work to market, maintain, and sell on a regular basis. Think about greats like Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, and 罗森伯格. 他们都是拥有大量作品的多产手机皇冠新现金网下载家.

很难 举办一场成功的画廊展览 with an 手机皇冠新现金网下载家 who can only produce six pieces or less per month. 然而, the less prolific 手机皇冠新现金网下载家 might find success by solely targeting a higher-end collector base, keeping in mind that the exposure process can be slow and works would likely be 价格d higher in order to account for the lower amount of pieces created and sold.


3. 还记得 the Big Picture When Working with Galleries and Publishers

Galleries and 出版商s can provide the needed marketing and exposure necessary to turn lesser-known 手机皇冠新现金网下载家s into a well-respected talent.

还记得, galleries are going to mark up an 手机皇冠新现金网下载家’s work by at least 100 percent, so it’s important to keep this in mind—and the benefits a gallery is offering you—when it comes to 对你的作品进行批发定价. The best approach is to start with a retail 价格 knowing that you will receive 50 percent or less of the 价格 paid by the consumer.

Let’s say you spent 30 hours painting a work of art, and you want to make $25 per hour. 你会想以750美元的价格把这幅画批发给画廊, 知道他们会将价格100%上调到1美元,500. Then they would most likely invest in a frame and retail it for $1,995. 每个人都赢了.

继续讲这个例子, 如果你一个月只画五幅, 你只能赚3美元,750一个月. 如果这足够了,很好. If not, you should be trying to increase your 价格s as you grow more popular.

Don’t worry: Your comfort level will improve as you gain more experience in the market. The most important thing is to be prepared and work together with your gallery, 出版商, 或者在定价方面具有代表性. 有一个长期计划. Now that you have the facts, it is up to you to determine your direction. 还记得, it takes a lifetime to become an overnight success as an 手机皇冠新现金网下载家.

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